How to do Competitors Keywords Analysis?


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How to do Competitors Keywords Analysis?

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    1. First Step – Find competitors’ URLs

    Goto Google search bar, type competitor’s name + URL. You will get a list of results.

    2. Second step – Select top 5 competitors’ website URLs

    You have to select only those websites where you want to start analysis. So go through each result page and find out how many keywords they use. Don’t just scroll down and click on ‘next’. Read whole content carefully.

    3. Third step – Extract relevant data using software

    Once you’ve selected all the website URLs, download them directly to your computer. Then open each webpages in browser (not via downloading), once opened switch off your internet connection. Close any application you’re using. Open a notepad file and paste all the URL’s you got on first step into it. Save the text document somewhere safe. Now upload these files to online keyword extractor tool called Once uploaded, you’ll need to sign-in to your account either through Facebook or google+. After successful login, you’ll be able to access different tabs like keywords, competition, traffic etc. Click on Tools tab and copy all the words under Traffic section.

    4. Fourth step – Analyze the copied word cloud

    Now we need to analyze our competitors’ wordcloud. Paste all the words into Word Cloud plugin in WordPress dashboard. Look at its visual representation. Try to guess what does it mean? What kind of words are used here? How many times it occurs? Is it high frequency or low? Are they related to certain topics? If yes, then try to make sense of it. Also check if the same set of words appears in the post title, meta description and tags area. If no, then add this content to SEO checklist.

    5. Fifth step – Create a new blog post about your findings and publish it.

    Publish this new article and update it regularly. Just keep writing good stuff. The more you write, the more people would visit your site. And eventually, you’ll rank higher. Do remember one thing though – don’t spam!

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